Artificial Nails
Acrylic Nails - are the most common form of nail enhancements in the salon. They are strong and provide a nice shape to the nails,especially for clients who have an abnormal shape to their nails. They can be applied over a natural nail or a plastic tips. They can be worn with or without polish.

Gel Nails (Powder or Liquid ) - traditional gel nails are derived from acrylic.They are strong yet more flexible than acrylic. They 're perfect for client who have dry,brittle nails as they provide a lightweight flexible to feel to the nails.

Solar Nails -   are similar to acrylic but are made with slightly different product. Solar nails is a pink and white powder, they are recommended for people who love french manicure.

Natural Nails
Spa Pedicure-  is performed on your feet by soaking your feet in the pedicure tub with anti-bacterial treatment and softening skin, we scrub the bottom of your feet to remove dead/dry/cracked skin, then we apply sugar scrub that is followed by a massage on your feet and legs. We  have top of the line spa pedicures chairs with back massage, high jet whirlpool, and comfy seats that will give you the most relaxing time after a hard, busy working day.

Manicure-  is performed on your fingernails by soaking your nails in a warm water with softening cuticle lotion, shaping the free edges, treating the cuticle and surrounding skin to remove dead/dry skin or hang nails, buffing your nails to a bright shine (optional). Massaging your hands and arms then polishing your nails.

* No matter which type of artificial nail you choose your nails will look beautiful when applied properly and visiting your manicurist on a regular basis will help ensure your nails will stay in place and be healthy and beautiful.*

*Our tools are sanitized to protect our customer from any nail diseases*.